Haythornthwaite and Daccord chairman and vice chairman of TPT Foundation

Rick Haythornthwaite, chairman of the board of directors, MasterCard, and non-executive chairman, Centrica, is to take over from Lord Browne of Madingley as chairman of The Performance Theatre Foundation. Yves Daccord, director-general of the International Committee of the Red Cross, is to serve as vice chairman.

The mission of The Performance Theatre Foundation is to inspire the leadership required to reinvent growth: to create growth that works with rather than against nature; benefits the many rather than the few; and generates value over the long term as well as the short. It does this by each year bringing together 150 leaders – from business, academia, civil society, politics, and beyond – to take on the most important leadership questions; and by empowering individual leaders to make a difference.

Rick Haythornthwaite said:

“I am delighted to be taking up this challenge, as now is a critical time for leadership. If the leaders of the future are to find answers, we first must decide on the right questions. The Performance Theatre provides a rare stage on which leaders from diverse backgrounds can explore the challenges of our times to define such questions and the style of leadership necessary to shape an optimistic future – one that is in tune with nature; in service of the many, not just the few; and sustainable over the long term.

“The Performance Theatre is more than just a forum – it is a collaborative undertaking to drive globally-relevant conversations and encourage committed, effective leadership. I hope to see that commitment build still further and, with it, our influence and impact.”

Yves Daccord, said:

“My feeling is that the next three to five years will be among the most challenging ever – and the most interesting –for leaders. What strikes me is that ten years ago even if you were a good leader you would not be able to make that much of a difference. You might inspire people, of course. But now, with what I see ahead of us, you really can make a massive difference – and I think The Performance Theatre can help people overcome challenges and create the change we need to see. The difference you can make as a leader is much bigger now than it was ten years ago.”

Dr Osvald Bjelland, founder of The Performance Theatre, said:

“It is tremendously exciting to welcome two leaders of this exceptional calibre to The Performance Theatre’s board. We might look back on this time as a defining moment in terms of our common challenges and how we choose to solve them. I know that Rick and Yves can help take The Performance Theatre to a new level of global relevance.”

The new leadership for the foundation was announced today at The Performance Theatre, which is taking place in Lisbon.