TPT 2019 set to take place in Seattle

We are delighted to announce that The Performance Theatre 2019 will take place in Seattle, USA, a city that is playing a leading role at the intersection of technology, capital and the new social contract.

Some 150 leaders, thinkers, influencers and doers from across the globe will gather for 36 hours in June to learn, explore, reflect and question accepted wisdom.

The theme for the 2019 Theatre will be announced this spring. It will build on our programmes in Singapore (2017), where we explored how leaders listen to ‘invisible realities’, and Potsdam/Berlin (2018), where we asked how we change, learning from ‘unfinished revolutions’ of all kinds.

We look forward to sharing more information soon – see the 2019 Theatre page for updates.

Image credit: Luca Micheli for Unsplash.